How do I make sales activity more productive?

Sales or telesales productivity relies on motivated staff and accurate tracking & management of activity to enable management and sales staff to make better decisions. It is a balance between providing the information staff need to do their job better (assuming they are fully skilled) and tracking their activity against KPI’s (assuming they may need developing) to identify non performance and subsequent training needs where appropriate. The less time sales staff spend producing call reports and crunching numbers the more free time they can spend in front of customers & prospects.

Business Builder can present key business information to field, telesales and management automatically. This is updated realtime, can be viewed in simple to understand graphs, and is accessible from anywhere on the planet that has access to the internet. With full Outlook integration and mobile / Blackberry / PDA access to BB databaes available, all the information needed to do their jobs better can be seen in one place.

Staff no longer need to fill in call activity reports. Business Builder analytics track call activity, identify open tasks, manage quotes and the order pipeline objectively warn you of key accounts performance when theres a problem and flag up cross selling opportunities. No more excuses – by making this information available at your fingertips decision making will improve.

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