How will technology make me more profit?

On its own technology won’t. but modern technological advances do allow your existing, multiple databases to be viewed on the web on one Business Builder database system. (This is known as systems convergence). Web based technology can greatly simplify your business systems, putting business information in one place at your fingertips in simple to understand graphs or allow on the fly analysis of your existing databases. Your infrastructure costs and dependence on internal human IT support also reduces compared to traditional server / client systems, as all that is required is PC access to the internet and we host, support and upgrade your Business Builder system as part of the package.

By making the right information more readily available you will be able to make better decisions more quickly. Better knowledge = better decisions = more profit !

Business Builder systems are available just like a secure website. And as nothing is downloaded onto viewing PC’s or laptops your data is more protected.

Depending on the module(s) used, Business Builder analytics can tell you – real time – about customer performance, cross selling opportunities, which are the best prospects, staff activity against KPI’s, which type of marketing is working for you, automate stock management and ordering from suppliers and automate staff tasks around ecommerce AND allow you to run multiple on line shops from a single product database.

How will technology make me more profit? Less infrastructure cost, better decision making, better staff activity control, simpler systems.

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