David Bowie exhibition to be turned into virtual reality tour

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where to buy Seroquel without a prescription Fans of the late singer David Bowie will soon be able to experience his extraordinary life, work, and legacy through the digital technology of augmented and virtual reality. The record-breaking museum exhibition, David Bowie Is, is being turned into an ‘augmented and virtual reality tour’ that brings the exhibition to viewers around the world through an application on their smartphones.

http://cscosmeticos.com/2000-dts20706-del-dating-de-sant-julià-de-vilatorta.html The augmented reality application of the David Bowie Is exhibition will be released for iOS and Android platforms on January 8th, 2019, to mark what would have been Bowie’s 72nd birthday, with the virtual reality version to be released at a later date with final additions being made by the VR company‌ ‌involved.

left David Bowie was one of the most iconic singer-songwriters of the 20th century. His endlessly innovative music gained him artistic acclaim, commercial success, and worldwide stardom. In a music career that spanned 5 decades, Bowie pushed the boundaries of style and content, his unconventional approach always searching for new modes of creative expression.

http://fishingthefraser.com/booking/ Among Bowie’s, best-known albums were The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972), Diamond Dogs (1974), and Heroes (1977). Bowie’s ever-evolving image manifested itself in a host of alter egos – from Ziggy Stardust to Aladdin Sane to the Thin White Duke.

The David Bowie Is exhibition toured 12 cities over 5 years – starting at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in March 2013 and ending at the Brooklyn Museum in July 2018 – and drew over 2 million visitors worldwide. It holds the record as the most-visited exhibition ever at the V&A Museum. Bowie’s death in 2016, while the exhibition was on tour, became a further draw factor for exhibition-goers, who viewed it as a grand tribute to the much-loved superstar.

David Bowie Has featured approximately 500 objects comprised of the superstar’s costumes, photographs, sketches, notes, handwritten lyrics, and original works of art music videos, multimedia installations, against a specially curated soundscape of Bowie’s music. The exhibition, organized by the V&A Museum, was made up of objects from Bowie’s personal archive.

An augmented and virtual reality application is a natural next step for the David Bowie Is exhibition. It will allow users to explore the exhibition at their own leisure and view objects closely, without the obstruction of crowds or gallery cordons. Displayed objects will be reproduced digitally in high-resolution 3D scans, to invite the user to view each object in great detail, without having to leave the sphere of their own phones.

The AR/ VR version of the David Bowie Is exhibition will add 60 new items not previously displayed in the museum tour. This one-of-a-kind digital experience will be offered in nine different languages, to reach a global audience. Besides delighting millions of Bowie fans worldwide, the immersive AR/VR experience is expected to attract new fans into the world David Bowie’s life and art.

Developed by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), in collaboration with the David Bowie Archive and the V&A Museum, the David Bowie Is augmented and virtual reality application is being designed by New York-based studio, Planeta. The David Bowie Archive will donate a share of the proceeds to the V&A Museum and Brooklyn Museum.

Reports suggests Oculus Quest will clock 1 million sales by early next


SuperData, a firm specializing in analysis and research, has recently released its latest report on the different kinds of immersive technology, like virtual reality (called VR), augmented reality (abbreviated as AR) and mixed reality (MR). The report focuses on revenues for sales of hardware and software for various products and also provides insights and projections for revenues for this sector.

In the report, SuperData remains confident that one of the major events in the immersive technology sector will be the launch of the stand-alone Oculus Quest Virtual Reality system. The firm predicts in its report that the sales of the newly launched Oculus Quest will be three times that of the Oculus Rift in the first year that the Quest will be available, a major step forward for the potential of VR CAD.

Superdata Reports suggests Oculus Quest will clock 1 million sales by early next year, which has the potential to make Virtual Reality a mainstream technology. Superdata expects that the combines sales of Oculus Go and Oculus Quest will ensure that the total virtual reality sales are more than doubled, with the total sales of these products expected to be approximately two and a half million units in the year 2019 throughout the world.

Other major developments which have been mentioned in Superdata report on the immersive media sector are the massive growth in Augmented Reality and VR entertainment based on location. The report claims that Mobile Augmented reality revenue is likely to double over the last year, and at the end of the year 2018, the revenues are estimated at approximately $2 Billion (USD). By the year 2021, VR software revenues will be surpassed by mobile AR revenues for the first time and these mobile AR revenues are likely to exceed $17 Billion.

The Head of SuperData XR, Stephanie Llamas claimed the latest research and analysis of industry data by the firm indicated that 2019, will be the year of virtual reality. The firm has integrated the research and market data it already has, and finds that VR is becoming increasing popular among consumers. She said that launch of the popular Oculus Quest and sales of the product in large quantities, will make it a mainstream product.

SuperData has also noted the increase in the user base for Augmented reality, and the combined number of customers for ARCore and ARKit have reached a total of 117 million monthly. Additional information on the immersive technology sector report can be obtained from the official website of SuperData.

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